Monday, October 29, 2007

My Google Map

I will be starting to add places and pictures that we go and information on the local area. I will include addresses, phone numbers where applicable, and information that will give you an understanding of what happens there. Please check it out on the lower right corner of this Blog.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A few pictures from the Fall

The town of Jackson, NH has an invasion every year of the Pumpkin People. Many of the local businesses participate in this fun event which is sponsored by the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce. We saw these fine people on one of my Wednesday Trips to Nowhere and Everywhere.

As part of my Everywhere & Nowhere Tour I have a habit of taking dirt roads which I have no idea where they go. This picture is from Cherry Mountain Road in Bretton Woods. It is a little pond at the base of Mount Deception. The pond is located about 2-3 miles from Route 302 just past campsite #7. The road is closed in Winter to cars. I took this picture on October 7, 2007.

This picture is also from Cherry Mountain Road looking back towards Bretton Woods from just about the highest point on the road before you start going downhill into Jefferson. We were heading to the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson. The picture was taken on October 7, 2007.

As we were walking the 1.5 mile flat/easy hike into Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, my kids thought that this was a pretty good picture. I guess the world looks a lot different through the eyes of a 4 and 6 year old. After I got home and downloaded my pictures I couldn't agree more that this was a nice picture to take.

This is the view from the viewing platform looking across Big Cherry Pond inside the wildlife refuge. The pond is about 87 acres in size. The wildlife refuge is 5,000 acres and offers a great chance to see wildlife.

This is the view of Mount Washington as seen from the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. The whisps of smoke that you see are from the 2 Cog Trains going up the side of the mountain.

Pictured here is Saco Lake which is the headwaters of the Saco River. Heading East on Route 302 the lake can be found at the entrance to Crawford Notch State Park. Across the street is the AMC Highland Center.

A view looking down at Echo Lake from the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway in Franconia Notch State Park. The Rocks at the North end of the lake form Artist's Bluff. This picture was taken on September 4, 2007 as part of our Ultimate Franconia Notch Tour. The furthest mountains that you can see are actually in southern Quebec. The visibility this day was over 100 miles with strong winds blowing at the top of Cannon Mountain. A picture perfect day.

This was our next to last stop that day. We hiked up to Artisit Bluff which offers some amazing views looking South into Franconia Notch and also looking North towards Littleton.
As you can see they trails at Cannon are just waiting to get their first layer of snow and the trails will be ready to go. Will you be the first person to make first tracks. Don't forget that Cannon is looking for your pictures to post on their website. Send them to . Mention in the email that you stayed at Innseason Resorts and you will be entered into a contest to win 2 free lift tickets. There will be 3 winners chosen. Good Luck!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Trip up the Rock Pile

Today I took 28 guests up to the Cog Railway. This is one of my favorite trips that I get to do, as I love going to the top of Mount Washington to experience some of the "World's Worst Weather". When we left the base station the top was in the clear. When we got to the top it was fully in the clouds, which means you couldn't see much. There were still some small piles of snow left from the 4 inches they received this week. It was rather warm up there for October as well and the winds were "calm", though a couple of people managed to have a quick snowball fight.

There is something that is special about the Cog Railway. I don't know if it's the smell of the coal, the sounds of the whistle, but I could spend all day there just watching the train. I liek to watch the guests as they try to get that special picture of the guys working on the train, or as the trains leave the Base Station. Then on the train eveyone gets up and tries to stand upright. but can't because the average grade is 25%. Picture an airplane while it climbs to its cruising altitude.

Since our Van is already out on a trip on Thursday's, we caravan to the Cog as a group. It is always fun to have 10 cars behind you as you drive up there. As usual once we were back down at the bottom everyone went out on thier own to explore some more of the White Mountains as there are still many areas that have beautiful color showing.

This was also one of the last times that we can get to the top, but that depends on Mother Nature. During the Winter they run the train about halfway up the mountain and then let you get out on the side of the Mountain, once again a unique way to experience Mount Washington in all it's splendor.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Foliage + Snow = Sno-liage

I wish I could say I thought of this word, but the fine folks at the White Mountain Attractions beat me to it. On Wednesday I will be doing my almost world famous trip to Nowhere and Everywhere. My vast network of spotters has told me that all the peaks above 4,000 feet now have snow on them. I will be taking pictures of this tomorrow and will post them when I get home.

What's up with the Pith Hat?

Welcome to my new world. Since July 2007 I have been working as the Adventure Concierge for InnSeason Resorts in Lincoln, NH. I have held several different positions since I started working here in March 2003, but this by far is the most fun someone should allowed to have while they get paid.
On my first day in the position I was asked to take a picture that would help promote the position. So now I have this picture on literally thousands of Rack Cards that I send out to guests prior to their arrival. These cards are also given to the guests when they arrive at the Resorts. Needless to say I don't need to wear a name tag ( shhh don't tell the owners)as most people seem to know who I am before I even say "Hi." Of course they also ask where my Pith Hat is and I have to say that it is really old and would fall apart if I wore it all the time.
I will keep updating on things that are going on and things that I do in future postings. Please send me feedback so I know what you like and don't like.